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   THE OTHERWORLD    film 
                              A Celtic Tale.
This product is a labor of love.  
Copyright © 2009 GiselaProductions
The Creator
Paiting by Sheila Wolk  www.sheilawolk.com
  Especially influenced by mysticism and romanticism, Celtic mythology and the realm of Fairies was the inspiration for the fantasy work "The Otherworld".  

A fascination by both mythology and philosophy and continuous studying and research about different myths and tales, spiritual realms, folklore, theology, paganism, cosmology, physics,... have lead to the development of this production.   

 Building bridges from one theory to another, the interconnectedness of all that is, and finding the common threads which run between seemingly different  bases of knowledge,  is at the core of Gisela's  inspiration to creating magical worlds without limits.    
The Otherworld is an original story written by Gisela Pereira and inspired by Celtic legends and myths. A mythical and enchanting faerie tale, bringing with it the most mystical characters. 

The Warrior Lugh, crosses Woodland heading to Tara to join the court of King Nuada and the Tuatha De Danann. Nuada and his kingdom are at this time oppressed by the Fomorian tribe, and trying to retaliate for their land and freedom. 
During Lugh's travel, he is bewitched by a faerie (Immrama) to a Beltane celebration - when the line between the human and faery world become tiny and Lugh crosses unaware to The Otherworld . 

Lugh and Immrama fall in love. However, they live in different times and worlds...  

Illustrated by Paul Gerrard 
              A Celtic Fairy Tale