behind the scenes

January 2010 Fight Rehearsals 🗡
great Jared teaches
yes, almost perfect
see, this is how you do...
hmmm can we do magic... what about flying?
yes that is the idea!
don't kill me! Oh NO!!!
that's the look
she's not for sweet talks!
fierce warrior!
The Otherworld is full of beautiful smiles and energy.
your highness
watch your back because she's coming...
beautiful posture
that was close...
you go this way... she comes this way...
you go girl!
it's coming together
yes beautiful!
Jared knows!
yay! it's looking gorgeous!
2 movements, 1 fall, 3 kicks...
uh oh...
please don't kill Jared...
oh yeah!
..and jump!
that's it girls!!
The first filming 🎬
   March 2010 Fight Rehearsals ⚔
dangerous fairy...
yes we love drama
not yet... I still need you for the filming!
yes... perfect cast :)
battle plans
yes that works
   May 2010 The Otherworld's not yet last filming... 📽
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                       THE OTHERWORLD     
              a Celtic Fairy Tale                a GISELA PEREIRA   film